The Assarain Group’s core values are the guiding principles which underline the vision and mission and shape the culture of the organisation.


They form the essence of the Group’s identity and provide the framework through which the organization engages with its customers, employees, associates and all its stakeholders.



At Assarain, we promote a culture where our employees value accountability. We have a synergetic approach that focusses on achieving common goals. Accountability is the foundation for upholding the prestige that the brand enjoys within and outside Oman. An open-door policy helps establish transparency and a sense of ownership and initiative. The organization, on its part, shoulders its corporate social responsibilities.


Safety & Security

A safe and healthy workplace is a fundamental right of every person and also a business imperative. The Assarain Group gives great importance to safety and security norms across all our diverse range of businesses and processes. We put in comprehensive efforts to create an accident-free and disaster-free workplace environment. Well- defined policies and stringent quality checks and processes are in place and are monitored frequently to address any possible safety concerns.



Customer and client satisfaction continues to act as the primary benchmark by which success is measured and it remains Assarain’s goal in each endeavour. Customer-centricity is not just about offering great service and quality products, it means offering a great experience right from the awareness stage, during the business deal and throughout the application process. Building sustainable relations with our customers and clients forms the core of our business. We focus on anticipating their wants and needs, and eventually on developing products and services around that.



Adaptability to change is our mantra for constant improvement and it has given us an incisive competitive advantage. While our mission and commitment towards excellence have always remained the same, we have also taken care to embrace change. The boundaries of the Assarain Group have expanded exponentially, limits have been surpassed and barriers have been broken with the constant changes and evolution required to maintain a leadership role within regional economies.



The Assarain Group’s motto “Trust is our Capital” is in itself indicative of the fact that we prioritize reliability and trust. Quality continues to be the hallmark of the Assarain Group and all of its associated operations. Our constant efforts are directed towards exceeding the expectations of our stakeholders rather than just meeting up to them.


Alliance & Teamwork

With partnerships between other global leading companies, the Group is a multi-million dollar international organization with diverse involvements ranging from construction, manufacturing and infrastructure to real estate, consumer products, food distribution, travel, insurance, investments and health care.



The Group advances as a strongly unified entity with a critical focus on encouraging new initiatives and enterprises. Driven by technological changes and emerging market trends, we encourage innovation and that is what really sets us apart. The Group has always been at the forefront, when it comes to seeking new ventures, developing distinctive products and setting unique benchmarks.


Nation-building & Omanization

The Assarain Group is committed to contribute in every possible way to the progress and well-being of the Sultanate of Oman. With significant impact in every facet of economic activity in Oman, we are able to contribute to nation-building and the ongoing resurgence of the nation. The Group’s policies are well-aligned with national objectives towards Omanization. It is with a purpose and a sense of responsibility that we achieved a rapidly increasing rate of Omanization that grows with the passing of each year, thereby creating realistic, career-oriented employment opportunities for the skilled youth of the nation.