About the Group Member of SSW

The Said Salem Al Wahaibi (SSW) Group of Companies

The Said Salem Al Wahaibi (SSW) Group of Companies, has been in the forefront of the nation’s progress by contributing to the growth of industries in Oman for more than four decades now, and continues to seek excellence in its operations. Since our inception in the year 1975, we have progressed exponentially and have established ourselves as a prestigious entity. Diversity and innovation have always remained the cornerstones which has resulted in our phenomenal success and growth.

In our Tryst with Excellence,

The Assarain Group of Companies truly believes in the philosophy advocated in the words of Oman’s dynamic leader His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said

“Our determination to move forward with confidence, towards the broader horizons of comprehensive, sustainable development, remains undiminished. While committed to preserving our own values and identity, we are enthusiastic about developing international relations to reinforce the advances already made. Further progress, we believe, can best be achieved through hard work and the pursuit of knowledge, which will prepare Oman and its citizens for dealing with the emerging realities of the modern age.” We remain dedicated to the defining parameters which have led to our success: vertical and lateral progress, innovation and modernization in sync with the times, customer-orientation and total quality management, and Omanization along with global collaborations for a holistic customer and client experience.

Oman National Flag

With significant impact in every facet of economic activity in the Sultanate, we continue to contribute our individual support towards the ongoing resurgence of Oman.

We are consistently striving to provide meaningful efforts towards the development of our nation and will continue with our relentless commitment in the years to come, thereby becoming an integral part of the nation-building process. Aligned with national objectives, we have achieved a rapidly increasing rate of Omanization that grows with the passing of each year, allowing us to create realistic, career-oriented employment opportunities for the skilled youth of our nation.