As our Team Assarain advances into the fifth decade since our establishment in 1975, we are happy to reiterate that it has always been an honour to truly touch lives…in so many different ways! More than ever, technological innovation continues to be a key priority for our operations as we constantly seek to raise the bar in product quality and service, at par with global standards. We have always recognized our team members as our most valued assets and as such, give due credit to them as the architects of the Group’s continued story of success.

We believe in reinforcing our bonds with our patrons and ensure that every endeavour of ours is customer-oriented, we always aim for excellence to enable a delightful experience for our clients & customers.

Aligned with national objectives, we have achieved a rapidly increasing rate of Omanization that grows with the passing of each year, thereby creating career-oriented employment opportunities for the skilled youth of the nation. Just like concentric ripples spreading across a water body, our Group has also made significant impressions in virtually every aspect of economic activity across Oman, in the GCC region, and in international business circles as well. Under the able guidance of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, at Assarain we have always shouldered our nation-building responsibilities with pride and commitment and will continue to play a pivotal role in the progress of our beloved Sultanate as we march resolutely ahead to reach further pinnacles of success.

Lt. Col. Said Salem Al Wahaibi

Chairman, Assarain Group of Companies