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Who we are

Our Company Hay Al Rahbah Trading & Contracting Co. LLC was established in 1995 as an effort to consolidate all the real estate projects of the Assarain Groupand to enhance operational efficiency through the streamlining of group initiatives.

Today, we are one of the largest facility management organizations within the Sultanate of Oman, currently holding over 2,000 units under our direct management across both the Sultanate and the United Arab Emirates. We offer a plethora of services covering purchase, rent and management of all types of properties.

What we offer

At Hay Al Rahbah, we offer all the three critical pillars of the real estate industry: Property Management, Facilities Management and Property Consultation, while satisfying the immediate requirements of a growing market.


Our Property Management activities are an all-encompassing service towards both owners and tenants, and address all property concerns including valuations, planning, design, rent collection and review. These activities also include comprehensive project planning and consultation towards routine building maintenance as well as refurbishment and reconstruction projects for dated properties. With the client always being our primary focus, all property management activities are specifically customized towards individual personal needs or business requirements.


With all real estate initiatives comes a critical need for general and preventive building maintenance. Our in-house Facilities Management branch of Hay Al Rahbah provides access to highly skilled maintenance technicians, landscapers and security personnel to ensure all properties are maintained against the highest standards of class and quality. We provide services ranging from air-conditioning, electrical, mechanical and general maintenance, to garden landscaping and security services and our clients receive a unique opportunity to satisfy all real estate requirements simply through a single source provider. In the last two decades, we have developed and maintained over a thousand apartments, villas and town houses. Our strength lies in the fact that we work with a focus on the client´s interests. Our in-house maintenance team is available at hand to take care of all the plumbing, electrical and civil maintenance jobs of our clients quickly and efficiently. This has earned us a wide client base and a robust reputation for reliability and integrity.

Brokerage& PropertyInvestment

Often involving critical decisions in an unpredictable market, the real estate industry requires significant efforts in terms of process, analysis and evaluation. Our Brokerage and Property Investment division offers property investment advice with all-encompassing consultations on the identification of properties, suitability for purchase, as well as guidance on rental values and letting arrangements based on current market trends. In terms of rentals, our clients count on us to find a property to suit their needs and budget. Our Company handles all aspects of letting property: advertising and marketing property on the client´s behalf, drawing up letting agreements and inventories, contract negotiations, advice on the latest legislation and safety information. Our highly qualified team of professionals is able to provide customized solutions, while addressing various budget or location requirements of our clients.

Hay Al Rahbah Trading & Contracting Co LLC

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