Who we are

At Kalhat Services & Trading LLC, we are proud to be recognized as Oman’s leading provider of industrial soft services.

We are backed by nearly four decades of experience in the provision of comprehensive cleaning, pest control, waste removal, landscaping and maintenance services. Moreover, the exclusive range of premium quality household and industrial cleaning products we offer, as well as wellness, hygiene, agricultural input and plant products which we import from Holland make us stand tall as market leaders.

What we offer

It is our stringent adherence to quality and standards that sets us apart from the rest, even as we operate within a highly competitive industry. A long-time member of the International Sanitary Supply Association of the USA, the Carpet Cleaners’ Association of the United Kingdom, and the British Pest Control Association of the United Kingdom, we have earned a reputation for exceeding standard quality expectations in the domain of cleaning and landscaping.


As an ISO 9001:2008 Certified organization, we have earned the privilege of serving some of the most prestigious patrons in the region, including the Diwan of Royal Court, Majlis Oman, Bait Bahjat Al Andhar, Saud Bahwan Group Plaza, and various ministries & corporate houses across the Sultanate.

In addition to all-encompassing cleaning and landscaping services, we also provide a tremendous range of both household and industrial-grade cleaning products to the Sultanate of Oman. Automatic air fresheners, sanitary dispensers and consumables, toilet cleaners, disinfectants and sanitizers, floor care products, enzyme-based cleaners, degreasers and descalers, drain maintenance chemicals and detergents are merely a few in the long list of products available through Kalhat Services and Trading LLC.

Stylish and elegant solutions towards traditional gardening and our garden trading services supply a wide range of attractive pots, planters and jars in an effort to satisfy a broad spectrum of client requirements ranging from contemporary designs to traditional Islamic themes.

Our product range also includes modern equipment such as self-watering installations and technology. Garden accessories are also a significant part of Kalhat garden trading with the provision of tools, fertilizers, chemicals, peat moss and much more.

In maintaining certification through international standard associations and upholding our reputation as a leader in the region, we adhere to a strict Environmental Quality Control process that ensures all our products not only meet the environmental requirements of our clients, but are also within the regulatory limits in place throughout the Sultanate. Dedicated, professional and passionate, we continue to be a frontrunner in cleaning, landscaping and environmental solutions. With a team of over 2,800 competent and motivated employees at Kalhat Services and Trading LLC, we remain committed towards offering quick, reliable services and quality products and take pride in shouldering the responsibility of furthering the cause of a clean, green and beautiful Oman.

Kalhat Services & Trading LLC

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