Our Vision

The Assarain Group’s vision is to pioneer the continuing growth of Oman through innovative and evolving business practices and ventures.

We strive to attain our vision of spearheading the evolution of Oman as a globally recognized hub of business ventures with a strong, growing and savvy market, while working hand-in-hand with the Government and the Omani communities.

We do so by constantly strengthening our domain knowledge on developing technologies and modes of modern communication, and by reinforcing our associations with organizations around the globe. We ensure that our business leaders are updated with the latest trends in the global technological climate and share ideas and best practices across international platforms through proactive involvement in conferences and symposiums. This is certain to further fortify our presence in the Omani market as well as on the global frontier.

Our Mission

At Assarain, our mission is to continue to interconnect the world to Oman through
the bridge of our organization.

Committed toExcellence

At Assarain, our mission is to continue to interconnect the world to Oman through the bridge of our organization. We endeavor to uphold our well-established and ubiquitous presence in the Sultanate through our diverse range of top-notch and trusted products and services which are of international standards. We ensure that our projects and services are executed and delivered with the excellence, precision and specifications that our valued clients desire, through flexible and sustainable business practices.

Committed to Being People-Oriented

Through every enterprise at Assarain, we focus on enhancing and bettering the lives of the Omani people, which includes our clients and employees, as well as their customs, communities and environment. We give the highest priority to anticipating and satisfying the needs of our stakeholders, clients and customers in the plethora of industries we are involved in. We are committed to achieving this by encouraging active and open lines of communication between our clients and our workforce.

Committed to Nation-Building

We shall continue to contribute to the stability and growth of the Sultanate by advancing infrastructural development across Oman. We shall put in all possible efforts to promote the rich heritage of Omani culture through our business endeavors and close relations with the Ministries and notable Omani families. We are committed to preserving and furthering the beauty and prosperity of our beloved Sultanate for the benefit of the present and future generations.