Al Haq Trading and Contracting Co. LLC is a regional icon in terms of customer-centricity, quality and reliability.

Who we are

In corporated in 1976, our company is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in Dhofar, and over the last four decades we have grown exponentially. The initial success of our company came from our supermarket, one of the very few in the region in those days. Over time, we introduced a diverse range of superior products and services in furnishing, distribution, agriculture and travel divisions, sustaining critical requirements in a wide variety of industries.

What we offer

Furnishing Division

*Al Haq’s Furnishing Division thrives on the provision of specialized design, manufacturing and installation of both interior and exterior furnishing products. Utilizing advanced machinery, our team of highly skilled joinery specialists, designers, carpenters, polishers and upholsterers offer an unsurpassed level of quality to numerous clients.

Royal Court Affairs, Dhofar Municipality, Ministry of Tourism, Hilton Hotel, Crown Plaza Hotel, Rotana Hotel, Juweira Boutique Hotel, Royal Air Force of Oman, Lulu Hypermarket, Carrefour, Salalah Garden Mall, as well as various Ministries across the Sultanate are all examples of credible associations employing the skills and technology offered by our team. Some of the finest structures and interiors in Salalah are a testimony to our unwavering commitment to quality and artisan level workmanship.

Distribution Division

Operating out of one of the world’s most extreme climates, Al Haq’s Distribution Division demonstrates a superior level of innovation and service, and is a leading distributor of frozen food products in the southern region of Oman. Renowned for our cold chain and efficient fleet operations, we reach out to the most remote regions of the Sultanate, while continuing to maintain specific standards in temperature and logistical quality.

Representing globally recognized brands such as McCain’s, Frangosul, Perdix, Westfalia, Tomex, Granja, Nat, Siblou, Adriana, Freshly Frozen, Fletcher and Watties, our distribution operations flourish with meticulous adherence to quality service and response time. We maintain stringent operational processes which provide us with the privilege of serving notable clients such as the Ministry of Defence, Royal Air Force of Oman as well as several catering companies and 5-Star Hotels in the region. Our company has a state of the art cold storage facility with freezer vans that distribute frozen food right from top hotels to the smallest retail outlet.

Agriculture Division

Al Haq also serves a primary role in the agricultural industry of the Sultanate with high quality products and services provided by our Agriculture Division.

As a leading trader in agricultural chemicals, tools, fertilizers, seeds and even veterinary products, we cater to the requirements of clients within the interior region, including the Dhofar Municipality, Diwan of Royal Court, Ministry of Agriculture, and numerous private sector organizations. Our agriculture division distributes seeds and fertilisers to the most remote corners of the Dhofar region.

Travel Division

Al Haq’s Travel Division offers specialized expertise in the travel and logistical requirements of key Omani organizations as well as providing premium ticketing services to customers. Our Travel Division takes pride in being a recognized member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and represents some of the world’s major airlines, including Oman Air.

In support of Omanization, we work closely with, and give preference to Oman Air, the national carrier. We are actively involved in the promotion, development and distribution of Dhofar Frozen Poultry Products, a local brand. We have always encouraged and provided all possible support to our Omani employees to pursue further studies while working within our organization. With our tremendous range in quality products and services, Al Haq Trading & Contracting Co. LLC has grown to be a prominent and respected entity within the Sultanate of Oman.

Al Haq Trading & Contracting Co. LLC

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